What is it like to fall in love with your best friend?

love with your best friend

Fall in love with your best friend

It was both amazing and heartbreaking.

I met her as I was starting up my first business. A local same-day courier company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She was one of the producers at a local video service and I was the salesman, driver, dispatcher, mechanic, and part-time cook. I knew she was special and within a few months, we became good friends.

We started to hang out more and more, and soon we were best friends, going out to bars to look for the romantic company, going on road trips etc.

The more I hung out with her the more I loved her, and soon I realized how much I really loved her. That was the day she told me about some guy she’d been seeing off and on for a while. I knew about him before, but that day she told me he proposed to her, and she was thinking about it. Seriously.

What is it like to fall in love with your best friend?I made my move, we went out to dinner, had an amazingly romantic dinner, and she asked me why I was looking at her like “that”. I told her. Everything, how I felt about her, how I couldn’t let her go get married to some knucklehead. Without letting her know that I loved her, and asking her to give me chance at winning her heart. She said that I already had her heart.

We made love. That night was the culmination of a long and beautiful relationship. That union felt as solid as anything I had ever felt. I was 24.

Many things happened, and I had to dissolve my business partnership while Chris and I were just beginning a life together. It was rough, I had been embezzled out of my equity in my company by someone I trusted.

I started a competing business, and soon had a higher level of success than I’d had with the previous business. The difference this time was I had no partners. Other than Chris of course.

We made a baby, We bought a house and began to climb the ladder called the American Dream. I was 25.

I screwed it up. In so many ways, it will take a book to explain and a lifetime to get over. Eventually, she got wind of my philandering ways and reminded me about our fateful conversation many months back. “I don’t care what do you do John, but never let me find out”. but I failed to focus on the second part of those instructions. I was 27.

We split up and I lost my wife, my business, my son fall in l and worst of all my best friend. Chris is an awesome mother, and we maintained our civility towards one another and it is obvious from the way Nick turned out that we did a good job raising him. Most of that credit goes to her, believe me, I didn’t do much to raise him. In fact, my only contribution, besides these excellent genes, was my perfect honesty with Nick. I have never lied to him about anything, and he knows that.

Yes, so the answer is amazing that two people can find such unity and create such a wondrous thing as life. Heartbreaking because one of us was an immature asshole.

Also funny, because her and I both know who screwed up, and she’ll never let me live it down. She’s funny like that.